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SYB Batting Cages

Batting Cages

Batting Cages can be rented by SYB or 75% Stow Teams for $25 per hour 

Batting Cages can be rented by non-SYB teams for $45 per hour

Stow Youth Baseball teams are provided one 1-hour session complimentary in the cages each Spring Season.  Head coaches will be required to provide the league they are coaching in for verification purposes.


Process to schedule sessions:

  • View the batting cage use the Batting Cage Calendar link

  • View the calendar by Week to see what times are available (change this in the upper right corner)

  • Submit your request to

  • Requests are handled first come first serve

  • Please allow at least 48 hours for a response/confirmation

  • Once your time is scheduled you will receive a confirmation with your door code assignment



Batting Cage Rules​

  • Batting Cage time does not constitute SYB Field time

  • No food allowed in the cages

  • No drinks except water allowed in the cages

  • Clean up after yourself

  • Respect your start and stop times

  • SYB is not responsible for anything left in the cages

  • Please follow the rules listed on the entrance door when using the cages. 

  • Payment must be paid remotely prior to using the cages, use the link below.

  • Hand Sanitizers are available near the entrance door and door to restrooms.   

  • After the cages are used any touch areas are to be sanitized, spray or cloths to be provided by users.   

  • The controls on the pitching machines and the main door handle when leaving.  Failure to do post use cleaning will result in loss of cage privileges.  This will be monitored through internal surveillance. 

  • See below for the number of people allowed in the cages at one time. 

  • The maximum number of people allowed in the cages at one time is 35 based on the square footage at the cages, social distancing is required where applicable. 

  • Coaches and instructors are recommended to wear masks 

  • Players are recommended to wear masks unless in pitching or batting cages working on drills. 

  • Everyone is required to wear a mask entering and leaving the batting cages. 

  • Parents must wait in their cars and not inside the building.  Only participants and instructors allowed inside. 

  • Restrooms to be open.  Person in charge of who is using the cages to wipe down the bathroom sink, toilet, and door handles.  Also, the controls on the pitching machines and the main door handle when leaving.  This will be monitored through internal surveillance. 

  • There is 15 minutes between the end time of one session and the start time of the next session.  Please leave promptly and do not enter until the previous group is gone. 

Cages are monitored by cameras

To pay for Batting Cage Hours, please click below: