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2020 SYB Health Guidelines

SYB Baseball Guidelines for 2020 Spring/Summer Season


1)_We ask that parents keep home all players who have a temperature or any CoVid symptoms, please review Governor DeWine’s baseball restart document, located at, for this and other details.

  1. Please note that there are new guidelines and that masks for managers, coaches, scorekeepers, umpires, and players on the bench have been changed from mandatory to recommended.

2)_SYB must maintain a complete list of coaches, players, and employees present at each event to include the date, beginning and ending time of the event, plus name, address, and phone contact to be made available upon request from local health district per the guidelines.

a. Managers to take attendance and submit to VP for all Tee Ball, Coach Pitch, and practices to include players, coaches and date played or practices.

b. We will have schedules including coaches’ names and phone numbers. Game times are on the schedules and game length in the rules.

c. Rosters will have the remaining information and coaches will be required to have a complete roster at every game. These are to be amended to include the required information for any call up players.

d. The Umpire in Chief will maintain a complete list with the required information for all umpires.

3) Masks are recommended to be worn by all managers, coaches, or other helpers in the dugout areas (Scorekeepers, etc.) and umpires all the times.

4) Masks are recommended to be worn by all players when not in the field (Ok not to be worn by catcher and pitcher warming up away from bench and spectators)

5) Two sets of catcher’s gear provided for each team. If a third catcher is needed sanitize equipment used by someone else prior to use. If a player has their own equipment the two sets of equipment will be available for each team additionally.

6) All players to supply their own helmets and bats.  SYB will provide helmets and bats for players personal use when unable to be provided by the parents.

7) Baseballs – Wipe between innings to be done by team taking the field. Each team uses their own ball.

8) Each team to clean (Pick up all debris from the game) and sanitize dugout and the benches after every game.

9) No sharing coolers or drinks. No team moms bringing snacks for all. Players are not to have food, chewing gum or sunflower seeds during games. Each player can bring their own drink and it is to be labeled with their name and is not to be shared.

10) Spectators to sit no closer to the backstop than first or third base to allow room for social distancing for players and coaches near the dugouts. Even though the guidelines state no closer than 6 feet to the backstop we will need room for players warming up, to sit as the dugouts may be too small for social distancing, and for teams to enter and leave the playing field between innings.

a. Spectators to sit with appropriate social distancing

b. Wearing a mask is strongly recommended

c. No one behind backstop.

d. Managers must police this.

e. Each team to provide a team liaison to manage social distancing and spectator spacing

f. Players to bring own chairs to be used between home and first or third base for when they are not in dugouts.

g. Teams at bat may only have 3 or 4 players next in the batting order in the dugout if they can be separated by 6 feet.

h. Players whose teams are in the field may be in the dugouts 6 feet apart.

11) No-one to argue any calls with the umpires. We are all in this together.

12) SYB to provide sanitizer for use to wipe down bat after batting, the ball between innings, and bench before and after game. Also, to sanitize catchers gear when going between 2 players.

13) Players (Parents) to provide their own wipes or hand sanitizer for their use on their gear.

14) Port-A-Potty will be available and cleaned twice per week instead of once.

15) Current planning is that we will start practice the week May 26 and games on June 6. Managers will receive their team lists to contact parents May 22.

16) Tee Ball and Coach pitch will start on June 22, 2020. Scheduling information will be in mid-June.

17) Silver Springs and Oregon Trail fields are not to be used until June 6 or later when opened by the city.

18) Picture Day will be June 13, details to follow.

19) All players that will be playing in the 2020 Spring Session must complete the new waivers for this session before being able to practice or play.

a) Please note that the waivers state masks are mandatory, but this requirement was recently changed by the state.

b) SYB will make masks available upon request.

20) It is recommended all players, managers, coaches, and umpires wash their hands at home as soon as they can before and after all games.  Please see the link Hand Washing for best practices.